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Welcome to Forum King! We are a community featuring discussions on all kinds of relevant topics. Our classing system allows you to earn rank based on your activity, earned reputation, and friend referrals. Each month a new King and Queen are crowned based on their statistics for that month. So what are you waiting for? Registration is simple, fast, and takes less than a minute.

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Forum King

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News and Announcements

Get the latest information about Forum King right here. It is highly recommended that you check this forum often.

Classing system

Carolynsold 03-29-2014 06:15 AM
29 threads 312 posts
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Suggestions and Feedback

Have an idea on how to improve the site? Want to tell us how great we are? You can do all of that in this forum.

balenciaga pung Motstanderne...

DennisCag Today 03:05 PM
1,361 threads 7,768 posts
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If you’re new to the forum, please come in and introduce yourself to the community. Lets make all newcomers feel welcome!


anwkzneqf Today 03:01 PM
1,439 threads 8,307 posts


General Discussion

Forum Contains New Posts

News and Current Events

Discuss what's happening in the world today. Topics range from local stories to national news. When it breaks, discuss it here.

burberry tasker der officielt...

RichardTola Today 03:00 PM
1,283 threads 6,274 posts
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Beliefs, Debates, and Conspiracies

This section is for you to express what you believe, and get into deep discussions about your view points. Such as Politics, Religious beliefs, Theories, Conspiracies, etc.

nike free run norge om ikke v...

Arydennent Today 03:18 PM
1,241 threads 10,880 posts
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Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle

Discussions about your diets, workouts, etc go here. Get advice to all your related questions and share your experiences and results here.

silver diamond rings record a...

Josephporm Today 02:20 PM
1,354 threads 15,656 posts
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This is the place for all those topics that don't relate to an already existing forum. Please no forum games or spam in this section. Forum Contains New PostsGames and Competitions

louis vuitton norge

Josephporm Today 02:29 PM
2,680 threads 20,573 posts



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Media and Entertainment

Talk about movies, music, and entertainment topics such as celebrity gossip. Share funny video clips or an awesome song you just heard.

fitflops JALISCO

Arydennent Today 11:35 AM
1,392 threads 27,922 posts
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Sports and Athletics

Discuss any and all sports and athletic events here. Professional organizations, college athletics, high school, youth sports, etc.

louis?vuitton?taske? XboxProd...

anwkzneqf Today 03:01 PM
1,370 threads 7,604 posts
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This one is for the kids (and you older guys chillen in the basement of your parents house). Console gaming, Computer gaming, and even Board Gaming.

balenciaga sale 14 Cayenne og...

anwkzneqf Today 03:01 PM
1,362 threads 6,235 posts


Computers & Technology

Forum Contains New Posts

Webmaster and Showcase

Webmaster and Admin discussions go here. Talk about monetizing, seo, and proven practices. You can also showcase your site. 10 posts required.

Gucci Italia 00355-Banca Sella...

Josephporm Today 02:10 PM
1,180 threads 3,406 posts
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Graphics and Designing

All types of graphics and web design can be discussed here. You may also request help or post tutorials. Remember to +Rep those who help you!


Arydennent Today 02:58 PM
1,218 threads 8,174 posts
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Programming and Coding

All types of programming and coding can be discussed here. You may also request help or post tutorials. Remember to +Rep those who help you!

http://www.esvinduet.dk tid at...

Arydennent Today 02:59 PM
1,276 threads 6,404 posts
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Hardware and Gadgets

Discuss computer hardware as well as other gadgets and gizmos here. Tablets, cell phones, and other devices.


Lorettajaw Today 03:10 PM
1,342 threads 8,556 posts

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